Aké Satia is the Chief Vision Officer at Aké Satia, a Human Capital firm in the DC area focused on strengthening organizations by bolstering the intersection of people strategy and business strategy.



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The Most Powerful Mindset!

The Mindset Series: Episode 6   Love is the key that unlocks the chambers of the heart. Happy Valentine’s Week! February 14 is Valentine’s Day, a global holiday dedicated to celebrating romantic love, and nowadays, it is a highly commercialized holiday where chocolate, jewelry, and exotic flowers fly off the […]

Walking with Another!

Has someone ever said to you: Walk with me! I have heard these words from family, friends, and business leaders. I have a hunch you have too! Depending on the source, these words might sound like an enchanting offer or a terrifying proposition! Because asking someone to walk with us is a bid […]

Why two are better than one!

First, let me take a moment to acknowledge the obvious! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we seem to be on an intriguing exploration, as the last couple of posts were on love or l’amour, or amore, depending on your language of choice. 😊 Full disclosure: Several days ago, […]

The Anchors of Love

Last week, we explored the concept of love and endeavored to grasp the many facets of love. An intriguing subject! Like many of us, I am fascinated by love because of its impact on individuals, communities, and society. And as we know, love can stir hearts, unite minds, and increase motivation. […]

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