Aké Satia is the Chief Vision Officer at Aké Satia, a Human Capital firm in the DC area focused on strengthening organizations by bolstering the intersection of people strategy and business strategy.



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The Activation of Peacefulness

The Mindset Series: Episode 3 Peacefulness is a mindset one activates and cultivates. Have you ever wondered how peaceful the world is? How about the United States? I have a hunch most of us would say the world and the United States are less peaceful today than five, ten, or […]

The Joy of Serving

The Mindset Series – Episode 2 To serve is to lead. Welcome to the second piece in The Mindset Series. Today, I have a perplexingly delightful story to share. First, I have a question: When you hear someone say the word hospital, what is the first word that comes to mind?  […]

The Strength of Patience

The Mindset Series – Episode 1. Patience is an indomitable strength. As I shared last week, to kick off 2024, we will explore how our mindset shapes our lives and how we can leverage our experiences, lessons, and relationships to propel us. -This idea sprouted because of an alluring experience that delighted […]

The Mindset for a Great Year!

The Mindset Series: Intro Friend, Happy New Year 2024! I hope you had a joyful Christmas and holiday with loved ones as you exchanged meaningful gifts. I had a lovely Christmas celebration with my family! In recent years, Christmas celebrations have been very entertaining because my niece and nephew are […]

The Costly Exchange

First, Merry Christmas! 😊 I hope you enjoy an incredible and memorable celebration with your loved ones and exchange desirable gifts. A couple of weeks ago, I shared my wish for a white Christmas. Since then, my family has encouraged me to release the dream because the weather forecast does […]