Aké Satia is the Chief Vision Officer at Aké Satia, a Human Capital firm in the DC area focused on strengthening organizations by bolstering the intersection of people strategy and business strategy.



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The Differentiating Quality

The Thriving Essentials Series: Episode 8   Knowledge without wisdom is limited and limiting. We desire to be brilliant: to be known as one capable of grasping complex subjects and breaking them down so that the average person can understand. To cultivate this ability, we may read books, speak to […]

Down to Earth

The Thriving Essentials Series: Episode 7 Like a seed, we must get down to earth to thrive. Last week, we explored the need for hope. As we know from living, life does not always present ideal circumstances. Instead, we encounter both favorable and unfavorable situations, and to thrive, we must […]

Building Healthy Boundaries

The Thriving Essentials Series: Episode 5 Healthy boundaries help cultivate meaningful relationships, and meaningful relationships are vital for thriving. Last week, we began exploring a vital topic: boundaries. Nowadays, boundaries are a common word and effusive thing most of us think is a good idea to have. But have you […]


The Thriving Essentials Series: Episode 4 Last week, we explored the familiar subject of animosity and uncovered an uncontestable reality: animosity and thriving cannot coexist. However, reasons to harbor animosity abound as we hurt others, and others hurt us. Therefore, laying ourselves bare to receive all that comes our way is ill-advised. – […]

A Vital Release!

The Thriving Essentials Series: Episode 3   Animosity and thriving cannot coexist. In our tension-filled world, the word release is one we often hear. We talk about releasing “bad vibes” or negative emotions. Sometimes, we may strategize to release friendships with people with “bad energy” or those who trouble us. […]