Aké Satia is the Chief Vision Officer at Aké Satia, a Human Capital firm in the DC area focused on strengthening organizations by bolstering the intersection of people strategy and business strategy.



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Aké Satia
My approach is very focused on individuals, and I see organizations as a group of individuals.
See how Aké Satia is inspiring audiences across the country.

From her distinct background to her profound outlook on life, Aké Satia is changing the world. Aké has seen so much of what the world offers and experienced profound personal highs and lows along the way. A veteran of large global enterprises such as Starbucks and Microsoft, where she drove organizational effectiveness and enabled the reinvention of a comprehensive performance management approach for a 50,000+ person global organization, Aké’s expertise is renowned across industries.

In her consulting work, Aké is raising the bar for organizations, helping them rethink their strategy and strengthen their workforce to become top players in their industry. Aké creates mutually beneficial relationships throughout businesses, internally and externally, and pushes leaders to new frontiers. Aké provokes individuals and guides organizations to see and grasp opportunities and create a better future.

Individuals: Coaching and Growth
The Journey of Life
We must know why we want to go on a journey and decide who to go with.

If you are curious about what it means to go from observing your life to creating it – in your life, I would love to chat with you.



The Beginning

Every coaching session begins with a conversation – an introductory and exploratory discussion. When we know or have a fuzzy idea of where we intend to go, we can journey – intentionally. On your journey, I will call out your value, highlight potential pitfalls, and suggest ways to move forward. 

I do not offer a prescribed blueprint or suggest a pre-determined path – personally or professionally. Though it might seem easy to go down the path others have taken, we need to learn from others and chart our course to be fulfilled and succeed.

The Agreement

An agreement is grounded in a mutual understanding that I am partnering with you as you create your life. How often we meet and when we meet is part of our discussion. But I never commit to a lifetime coaching agreement. We agree on a time frame and revisit. After we meet, if you decide to relocate to your dream location: Monaco, the Himalayas, or Timbuktu, I will cheer for you! 😊

The Expectation

The ultimate value of coaching is growth, knowing yourself, and meeting the capable person you are that you might have never known existed. I love coaching because it is a partnership, and I feel fulfilled when others grow. For this reason, I am selective about who I work with and when we engage. In our discussions, I will encourage you to consider specific actions you can take to move forward. Progress is vital, and you create your landing place.

Teams: Leadership Development

New Leader!
Congratulations! You have accomplished a long-term dream and aspiration of many!
You are now a leader in this great organization, and those people – over there are your team! Some are glaring, others are cheering, and a few are MIA, but they are excited to meet you. It’s great to have you onboard! Make us proud!

~ Your new boss!

Sound familiar?

The message above encapsulates the experience of many in the coveted and esteemed leadership club! Though they might be thrilled to receive the offer or promotion, they often do not know what to expect and what is truly expected of them besides meeting the numbers and not breaking the law! 

For this reason, a barrage of questions and insecurities float in their minds. Questions such as: Why exactly was I chosen? What does the organization expect of me? How will you assess my performance, and how do I know if I am a good, great, or inadequate leader? And by the way, where do I go from here? 

Also, nowadays, few organizations truly invest in developing leaders at all levels. Specifically, ensuring those with a leadership title understand what leadership means in the organization, how it is displayed, and how they can successfully assume their role.

The absence of clarity and guidance leads many to dangle once they are in a leadership seat despite having craved it for so long! – Resulting in many exiting leadership roles out of exhaustion, failure, or dissatisfaction. But it doesn’t have to be this way! There is a way out, and it takes work in the form of coaching and training. Specifically, skilling and coaching people managers to lead people. – Because managers are leaders because good managers are people leaders.

Leadership is a highly desired and rarely taught skill.
Under the umbrella of leadership, we consider three spheres – coaching, training, and leadership team development.

Would your people and business benefit from having well-equipped leaders who know what it means to lead and how to do it – Individually and or collectively? If so, let us talk!

Organizations: Culture
Wherever a group of three or more reside, a culture exists.

If you want to cultivate the right culture to enable your business and people to move forward to the desired destination, let’s talk!

One of the biggest mistakes a leader makes is to ignore the importance of organizational culture or assume culture is merely a collection of individuals going about the building or online meetings. Fundamentally, an organization is a group of people that come together to chart a course and to accomplish a mission. To succeed, they must align on a set of beliefs, principles, and a code of conduct that guides their behavior and their direction of travel.


Creating a healthy culture is as challenging as having a set of children walk in a straight line in the summertime as an ice cream truck parks in the schoolyard during recess. Organizations experience a similar dilemma with hiring talent, developing the workforce, and inspiring the team to work together to fulfill their mission.

Building the right organizational culture is imperative to set goals, meet goals, grow, and sustain growth. However, culture is set at the top but spreads from the bottom. Therefore, it takes the whole team to work.

Organizations: Strategy

Where are you going, and how are you going to get there?

Many organizations know what they want and have an idea of how to get it. But the path is fuzzy, and they rely on a blend of goals and luck. While this strategy can lead to some wins, any seasoned and savvy business leader would tell you it is a flawed approach!

All great businesses nail one strategic goal: The Alignment of Organizational Vision and Direction of Travel. – This requires effectively merging your people strategy and business strategy, and when this happens, there is synergy: Leaders recognize it, employees know it, and customers feel it. But how exactly does an organization get it? 

The answer is not in a Rubik’s cube, crystal ball, framework, or toolkit! If it were, most businesses would operate like a well-oiled machine!
Instead, the opportunity is to create a compelling and executable strategy within and for your organization! 

If you are interested in determining how to align your workforce and goals to reach your desired and perhaps unknown destination, let’s talk! 


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