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Kindness is Action!

A child carrying a baby.
The Mindset Series: Episode 5

Before we start, let me share a fun moment!
Last week, in our piece on The Power called Gentleness, I shared one of my all-time favorite quotes: “The mind can be convinced, but the heart must be won.” Later, I learned my dad read the entire blog (as he always does) and liked the quote! Peculiarly, in the following days, he recited the quote to my mom repeatedly – hoping she would be swept away in the wise words and associate the brilliance with him, as he put it. Ironically, such behavior is typical of my dad, and I often ask him why he has been married to my mom for well over half a century yet still constantly tries to impress her.
With a charming smile, he responds: My father and her father would tell me: I must never stop
showing her that I love herIn a marriage, when you take the other person for granted and stop initiating fun interactions, letting them feel your love, and ensuring they know you see them, your bond begins to crack.

These are wise words, and in the spirit of sealing bonds, let us explore a mindset always worth fostering: Kindness!

Before we jump in, I have a question for you! What would you say if someone asked: What do you need?

A vital need!

For such a simple question, we could offer a range of responses, such as more money, a bigger house, a sweet ride, a better gig, a tighter bod, optimal health, and much more! Many of us desire all or some of the above. But one thing we all need irrefutably is kindness.
Nowadays, kindness is a word we hear often, especially when it seems absent! A 5th grader urges her friend to be kind to her as they play hopscotch during recess. Or a coworker chides another for being unkind when cutting her off in meetings. – These admonishments seem merited to the one dishing out the rebuke. But to the one on the receiving end, they might appear to be an annoying display of sensitivity. Ironically, the 5th grader and coworker voice grievances, but what lies beneath are hurt feelings and a plea for consideration – for kindness!

What is kindness?
Kindness is generosity, consideration, rendering assistance, and concern for others. This description positions kindness as a worthwhile undertaking underpinned by many virtues, including generosity, gentle consideration, helpfulness, and sacrifice!

I have a strong hunch we have all seen kindness displayed. – And it is a beautiful sight to behold. 

Kindness is Action!

A couple of weeks ago, I saw kindness in action! Though my wish for a white Christmas did not materialize, Santa delivered the good tidings to my parents a couple of weeks into the new year. 😊 Yep! They received four inches of snow! – An insignificant amount in many areas but record-setting in their neck of the woods! 

Gazing at snow-kissed leaves and absorbing the crystalline silence of snowfall is mesmerizing! But shoveling piles of snow – not so much! Like many in their neighborhood, my parents faced a dilemma. Though their Homeowners Association (HOA) promised to shovel the snow, they did not plan to do so until it had settled for a day. Therefore, it seemed my folks were snowed in! Hearing this, I became a tad dramatic! Fearing they would get cabin fever, I wanted to make a few 911 panic-stricken calls. – Not to the actual emergency line, of course! As I think that might result in a fine and immediate placement on an encrypted secret blacklist and blemish my Wonder Woman record. 😉

Unexpectedly and suddenly, all anxiety subsided as my parents feasted their eyes on an unexpected delight. Looking through their windows, they saw their neighbors waiting on them! Discreetly, a couple of neighbors made their way onto their property and shoveled the snow on their driveway and sidewalks. – This is a standout example of kindness in action. Simply, kindness is waiting on others by seeing a need and meeting the need.

Looking beyond oneself and ahead

Have you heard the phrase: If you see something, say something? – This catchy phrase urges us to speak up against wrongdoing. An equally powerful message is: When you see a need, meet the needCan you imagine how our society would flourish if we embodied a kind mindset and allowed it to guide our actions? –This is worth pondering and acting on. 

Looking ahead, I am thrilled about our piece next week because it is on a vital subject and is an outpouring of hard work and heart-work! Good times lie ahead!
Until then, have a kind week!

For you and to you,


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