Aké Satia is the Chief Vision Officer at Aké Satia, a Human Capital firm in the DC area focused on strengthening organizations by bolstering the intersection of people strategy and business strategy.



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Take Hold of Rejection!

To take hold of rejection, we must consider others and live purposefully. Last time, we explored a common and dreaded fear and feeling: Rejection – The Fear of Rejection – BLOG – www.akesatia.com. Today, let us go beneath the surface to determine what enables us to untangle ourselves from its web. […]

The Fear of Rejection!

The fear of rejection is born of a thought that gives rise to a feeling. It becomes a potent force when we act on it. Last week, we explored a highly relevant topic: loneliness! You may check it out here: It is not about you! – BLOG – www.akesatia.com Logically, we cannot […]

It is not about you!

It is not about you! Many of us might have heard these words spoken to us, or we might have said them to another. When these words are spoken to us, our thoughts might skirt between two extremes. First thought: How dare you say that to me? Do you know how much […]

Walking with Another!

Has someone ever said to you: Walk with me! I have heard these words from family, friends, and business leaders. I have a hunch you have too! Depending on the source, these words might sound like an enchanting offer or a terrifying proposition! Because asking someone to walk with us is a bid […]

The Decision to Trust!

Some of us put our trust in others. Is it a wise decision? Over the last few weeks, I shared stories and learnings from my sabbatical earlier in the year. Notably, the lesson I valued most during the experience was learning more about where I come from by connecting with […]