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The Normalization of Division

Rejection Reason #5 When division is normalized, rejection runs rampant. Over the past few weeks, we have explored rejection reasons in the series Why People Say No! Thus far, our focus has been primarily on individuals. Today, we will raise our thinking to the societal level and explore a shift in […]


Rejection Reason #4 We reject what we fear. Last week, in our series, Why People Say No, we galloped down the windy path of self-centeredness. To partake in the adventure, you may read I can only see ME! – BLOG – www.akesatia.com. I have long thought that if self-centeredness were an […]

I do not know what to Believe!

Rejection Reason #2 What I Hear does not match what I See and Feel. As we uncovered last week in, I did not recognize you – BLOG – www.akesatia.com, from a tender age, we learn the value of keeping strangers out or rejecting those we do not recognize or know. This cautionary […]

I did not recognize you.

Rejection Reason #1 This week, in the United States, we will welcome the Fall season, when leaves change color, temperatures grow colder, and daylight gets shorter. As we prepare for the climatic change, it is beneficial to strengthen ourselves by expanding and enriching our minds. Therefore, as I shared last […]

Why People Say No!

New Series INTRO! Friend, I am excited to share that today, we will begin a new series titled Why People Say No! The idea for this series sprouted while exploring the concept of rejection. As we have all experienced when we hear no, we sense and feel the sting of rejection. And when […]