Aké Satia is the Chief Vision Officer at Aké Satia, a Human Capital firm in the DC area focused on strengthening organizations by bolstering the intersection of people strategy and business strategy.



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Human Capital Strategist | Speaker | Author

Aké Satia is a prolific and seasoned Human Capital executive turned renowned business consultant and published author. Her work with individuals and organizations has redefined the course of how they do business and brought lasting results.

Adversity Brings Balance

Leadership and Growth

In Adversity Brings Balance, Author Aké Satia her life story as a black woman living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the corporate world. In revealing anecdotes about her life and career, she conveys perspectives from a global lens on the trials of life overcoming fears, the unexpected virtue of adversity, and so many lessons in between.

Her book, Adversity Brings Balance is a reflection on real life experiences, how we can embark on a path of transformational growth by embracing the unique values and attributes that we each embody while partnering with others as we intentionally create our lives. A Human Capital leader by trade, Aké uses her story to illuminate her path to personal empowerment so that others might find theirs. It’s this kind of work that is core to Aké’s business philosophy.

“The empowerment of humans, not arbitrary business goals is a core tenet in my approach. It’s very focused on individuals, on empowering individuals,” Aké said. “To me, the ‘bottom-line’ is a product of why and how an individual or organization operates. And that determines whether individuals and organizations are successful or not. In an organization, human empowerment is not a means to an end. It is the worthwhile end.”

An inspiring reframing of what it means to be a diverse, inclusive, and human-centric employer in today’s world, Aké’s is an irreplaceable voice in any discussion of modern human thriving and organizational success. Packed with personal stories and leadership lessons learned firsthand, Adversity Brings Balance is an essential read for individuals and leaders who know there’s more they can do for themselves, their people and their organizations and are searching for ways to do so.

Buy Adversity Brings Balance a self-help book by Aké Satia now and learn how to overcome adversity to live deliberately, courageously and pursue fulfillment.

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Ake Satia brings relevant stories from her personal and professional life, while engaging the reader in self reflection to bring change. The book encourages introspection, focusing on what matters most, engaging community, the value of friendship, dreaming bigger and leaning into our unique strengths to live well. Tons of wisdom and very well organized for the reader to take the "journey" through the book with the author. I highly recommend!
Jennifer Porter
Author Aké Satia is a successful businesswoman who has been in a number of jobs before and had ample of experiences in her life, both high and low ones. In this book, she shares her stories with us which helps us realise our mistakes and moves us to make us think about our potential.
Nisha R

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